A year ago, we moved into our house in West Boylston, MA with our two kids who are 2 and 8. Generally, her essential oils were operating to sleep through the night. Before her oils that are essential, she could not fall back to sleep in her room and would awaken crying in the center of the night, so she’d end up in our room. Now, she is waking up every night crying at something.

I and my husband go into her room when she is yelling and shouting and try and comfort her but she is difficult to comfort. Go away!” So we let her and she tries to sleep. Out of nowhere she begins yelling and shouting again saying, “No baby! No baby! Now I knew that my 2 years old daughter talking to “baby”

Occasionally although at first we believed she is dreaming she is going to speak with the infant while she is playing. Not as frequently as she used to but important enough to mention. Just lately, she now says, “No baby! I do not need to go outside!”West Boylston 1

She is been having what although I’m unsure if this is connected. But she’s with rage occasionally out of control. She’ll shout in rage out of nowhere! We have also found that since our cat was gone, all the action came back and my 2 year old daughter continues to be avidly disturbing.

I have already done a space cleanse with blessed oil, holy salt and sage. I’m do not understand what to do and at a loss. I am scared at some point, the infant will get my daughter and she is going to never sleep restful.

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