It’s been six months since I began my job in a villa in Bali as a Guest Relation Officer. This occurred at May 2nd.

I welcomed several two women, three men and Chinese guests. Two villas were reserved by them, and they were the only group guests that week we had.

They were gone quite early, picked up by business that was plunging AM. I did my job and I Have pretty much from occupation to do since it was low season, by midday. I retired for rest and lunch, etc. to my office upstairs

Around 2:50 PM, my head butler phoned my office, saying a guest needed to speak to me. He did not say the villa name, so I ‘d no clue about it. He asked about all and afternoon tea, and so I proposed he took a look and he could give me a call back when he’d determined what he needed. Afterward I requested his villa name. We’ll simply call it Villa A for the sake of discretion. The villa was found next to our restaurant. I hung up, after making sure he was the group guests that assessed in the day before.Empty Room 1

No response. I phoned the other villa, no response either. Then it hit me that the guests were not allegedly in.

I called our reception, requesting them to assess the keys. First shock.

Oh well, I left alone and thought perhaps among them was feeling unwell, but the head butler responded with something akin to worry, and so I carried on to assess the villas and went down.

I knocked on many times, but opened the door. Subsequently two housekeeping staffs occurred to pass, therefore I inquired if the rooms had been cleaned by them. They affirmed they’d simply did turn down service for those two villas, and they were not full.

Second impact.

Ultimately, I entered the villas to assess myself and took both keys. Empty.

When we are called by guests our telephone will reveal the extension number. Furthermore, we’re villas that are little here, our complex exclusively consists of nineteen villas completely

My head butler verified the call was coming from Villa A, from inside, not.

One guest had voice that is really light, the other at outside hot tub do massage, and the other was in the eatery.

Because they went out, five of them it could not be our guests. It could not be my buddy playing with some dumb pranks because he talked Chinese. It could not be the phone machine because he definitely said where he was messed up.

My head butler was scared that day, because only several weeks past something really unusual was also experienced by other guests for the reason that empty room, like itself unlocked the safety deposit box, when they slept and a presence hovering nearby.

Until now this still baffled me.

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