Back in 2007, there’s no means the Travel Channel could have forecast their show Ghost Adventures would become. Aaron and I spoke at the horror and paranormal convention, in Lexington, KY and he discussed some of his favorite places along with the encounters that he’ll never do.

Before Ghost Adventures you hadn’t ever done anything in this way, right?

Yeah I ‘d only done camera work for sports so I definitely wasn’t anticipating this.

You guys have done many historical places, do you have a specific favorite?

That was only a complete encounter that is loony, but I ‘ve a group. I ‘ve a group that were not extremely good too. The matter is since you learn from it because the poor are also the great they mix together. Can that be a slogan? I’m that and Aaron Goodwin ’s my view.aaron goodwin 1So your final solution?

There’s a few more that really stand out although I think I’d need to say the Hell Fire Caves. That ’s was not sane. Between the Hell Fire Caves and Transylvania I do if you’re able to top those n’t understand. They were my favorites. I understand the Halloween special hasn’t come out but it’s worth the delay.

That one was the most prominent.

Having to remain by myself was the worst. Subsequently I had that expertise in the documentary since I wasn’t into all the phantoms things and I leave for about annually. Me truly frightened. I mean it was my first encounter and I hadn’t ever thought about ghosts until then. So I stop, and then the documentary went on film festivals, so we did a few live phantom occasions and started hanging out more. We began meeting more folks and all of a sudden I was solicited.

What happened after that?

We ended up getting the show which was a tremendous shock since I had. After the Winchester Mystery House where before I was like “Forget that ! and that sort of all changed for me I was all about it. You won’t find me turn anything.

No limitations now?

Pretty! I simply don’t need to do voodoo.


Yeah, it was not good. After that I said no more voodoo for me, although I ‘d do whatever. It was simply too much.

Is that the only thing that’s totally off limits?

The one we did really set me in a dark place and I fought with depression for months after, although I think it depends on the voodoo. It was frightening or bad, just sitting around the house trying to inspire myself to shoot or to work, it was not extremely good for about eight months. It was a really dark area, although I spoke a lot about it on my podcast.

Have you got any advice for those aspiring to be paranormal investigators or needing to begin hunting ghosts?


You don’t advocate it?

Not unless you need to take care of the repercussions. It’s possible for you to go into a little place and believe do not have any notion what’s there and it was no big deal or pleasure, but let’s say you go into a house. You get that negative energy and you associated and you wish you hadn’t ever done it. It totally changes your life. If you’re going to do it I think, my advice will be to be prepared. You actually don’t understand what could occur.

What about bringing in apparatus to communicate with ghost and demons?

Yeah do n’t pull out an Ouija board because you don’t understand what’s coming into it and go into this position that you simply understand nothing around. We only did an experiment on the house and, it had nothing related to the house, but it enabled matters to come through due to the Ouija board we brought in. So for that area, Ouija boards are frightening. I mean some folks get cleansed or whatever and walk out, but you gotta understand what you’re doing.

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