First off it is my first time posting a subject such as this and I trust you guys will comprehend my English that is feeble since it is not my number one language. I have been reading opinions and other threads random Sex with ghost and the reason is I have had the same encounter. I understand some of you might say they are etc. and evil spirits/demons And I understand some say they aren’t, like prayers for example, will not work and that they can be tender and kind.

I will start of by saying that I am not a Christian, I do believe in such and spirits. Like they exist but I do not actually pay attention or truly care I believe in the sort of manner. Neither have I can not see them and I encountered any, so this feels quite arbitrary for me.

I am a 20 year old girl, living with my brother and my parents. I’ve had sleep paralysis like several times (about 3 – 4 in my life) and generally the opening between them are years.

I was lying on my side during sex, facing the wall and I could sense someone/something near my bed/door like walking or making some sort of sound. I attempted to turn myself but I was paralyzed afterward this, whatever it was, whispered with the bad raspy voice and I felt pressure or so it seemed. I was actually not aware although after I woke up and I believed I was being humped by something from behind while I was sleeping on my tummy.Just Another Ghost Story from South Africa 1

The same day as soon as I woke up I felt extremely heavy and it felt like I did not have any energy. I was worried by it when I ‘d the SP because it never occurred before. That is when I quit caring after that and began hunting about SP. Afterward I ended up on the incubi/succubi and here subject, recalling that I might experienced an encounter after the SP. with some thing I do so I believed them to be or recall having sexual encounter with some thing. It occurred several times and I never actually thought about it because it largely felt like a dream when it occurred and I was never within my room. I ‘d take a random location and it might be an actual location or in a “dream” position. The truth is, after I recognize I am in this state, I do not understand where I ‘m and even though I believe it is a dream it feels so real and I ‘d see this “dream” when we are in the middle of the sex component. He seems to be a person at those times.

The reasons why I am even writing about SP (which I really was not going to with this matter) is because I believe it is linked somehow. And since the SP I’ve also had these feelings of tingling or pin/needle adhering (lightly) on my body. Occasionally it then moves up and begins on my feet and begins on my legs, finally begins on my torso and my hands also Places that are private. I leave my room and enter another room or my brothers, the existence decreases but I can believe that something is there, following me. The tingling is there once it felt like it was pulling on my tops arm and I must say, but I believed I dismissed it and only twitched. Not even when I am going to bed and the lights are out but I occasionally feel a presence and I still have those tingling/needle feelings while attempting to sleep but it is little. I do not understand if it is cause it just began and the “hands” have not seemed yet or it is simply not an incubus/succubus.

Understanding myself I fell asleep and felt like blowing off it. After some time I woke up or I believe I did in this dreaming/half reality state, by what I believe was an incubus in exactly the same standing as the SP began. He squeezed fairly difficult and it did hurt but I was really not fearful and composure. Only at that point I had my eyes shut and I did not understand what I was going so I simply did not go do, I really did not attempt without me understanding or he was commanding the scenario. I sensed him pulling on my arm . And frankly I never felt him entering in the regular manner it was like? I could feel him indoors thought. He was not smooth when he was um shoving and it did hurt. If the reason was because I am still a virgin I am uncertain, or he was merely rough. I got interested while he was at it, my eyes were shut but I could see something. I could see his torso as soon as I looked closer and it was a human torso, only he was not all white, like a darkness that is deep and no sounds were made by him. I never understood once I woke up I was in precisely the same situation as I fell asleep facing the wall and once I fell back to sleep.

Being alert after what occurred, I kept thinking not since I woke up in an identical place as it began a lot has subsided or if it was actually happening. The tingling kind of quit but I will feel them a bit, occasionally. And my right breast really harms a bit, feels like the top part of the right breast muscle been extended.

And that is my narrative; I never needed it to be long as a novel… Well and sorry about that I am still not scared or anything, just interested to understand what it was if it is going to occur and I do not understand, but If it occurs, I Will likely attempt to blow off him. I feel like that is the best thing at the minute for me.

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