My dad passed away once I was 16 years old and this caused me within my religion to waiver; I was born and raised Catholic. I ‘d my beliefs although I was not actually a practicing Catholic.

Well, at that time I questioned why would he take my dad away from me, therefore I was crazy. I only got a car, was 17 years old and loved to drive.

I decided to go hang out with him and was invited over to my buddy Anthony’s house one summer. A little about Anthony: he’s what I refer to as a mandatory flavor; quite dark, dirty and does things for attention because I never got in trouble but for some reason I enjoyed hanging out with him. Lots of it was my mom could not endure him and my dad was indifferent to him. But my mom not enjoying him got me need to hang out with him.

So we are hanging out at his house in his basement chatting and playing video games.

You however believe there’s a God.”

“I am not convinced anymore. I haven’t actually seen much evidence since my father died.” I said.

“God is a fraud it is all smoke in mirrors.” He said. At that precise instant the lights flickered rapidly.

I said.

“Want any more evidence?” he said, laughing.

He visited the bookshelf and walked past me and took outside a bible. He threw it on the earth and said, “I Will show you there isn’t any God. Iwill take a piss with this bible and see, God will not prevent me.”Just Another Ghost Story from South Africa 1

At that instant I needed to leave and was done. After I see that it got extremely hot in the room I turn to leave. He was not saying anything although my back was to Anthony. I got a feeling that was really awful .

He began laughing and his voice began to deepen through the entire laugh.

I went to leave and began to freak out a little. I began going back as he progressed slowly and shoved him off of me. I tripped over the bible on the earth and eventually he began speaking in a deep guttural voice in a language I did not comprehend.

Now I’m fully considering that he’s not kidding. I have known him for years and understand that he just has a grasp on the English language a foreign one. Not knowing if it’d help the bible is picked up by me and he winces and transferred his head away and fell to his head resting on the sofa and the earth with his body kneeling. I only begin reading out loud and open the bible.

I could not even tell you what I was reading, I was just freaked out. I look at him and I see his eyes continue to be white and he’s drooling. He says, “I Have been observing you and I am going to continually be observing you. I ‘ll return to see you in 7 years.”

He’s actually thrown on the earth and the lights return to full power and he begins rolling around like he is in pain as the temperature in the room goes back on track and coughing. I say “Anthony, I’ve to leave right now.” I simply run out although he attempts to prevent me. I can hear that voice within my head and get within my car.

Anthony and I remained friends next event for several years and he requested me to not tell him what occurred. He says he does not recall a thing and totally blacked out.

I understand how this story-line seems. Typing it looks far fetched but it happened.

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