Jesus Christ and God wanted to bless me and turn me into a movie star on December 4, 1980. How? It seems that Jesus Christ and God wanted to put me into a deep sleep like a out-of-body experience and send my spirit in hell for a few hours then retrieve my soul back into my body to reach superstar status.

Jesus Christ and God tempted to turn me into a movie star for the second time in my life on the fall of 1997. Since the 1920’s when Hollywood, California began til this very day it is corrupted and they are involved with a satanic cult and devil worshiping in the music and movie industry.

Now why would Jesus Christ and God recruit me into a satanic, corrupt place like Hollywood, California, if Jesus Christ and God are righteous and good think about that?. Could it be because Jesus Christ and God are part of the Hollywood elite or could it be that God is the devil himself.true events by Reynaldo Reyes

The Demiurge the fallen deity?

The article above is a story based on true events. By Reynaldo Reyes

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