A website is like a Carfax for haunted houses. This website will tell you if someone died in your home. was born.

The site cross references between public records and other databases to find who used to live in a particular U.S. address, whether they’re alive or not, and if they died while in the house. It can tell prospective homebuyers information the seller isn’t obligated to disclose, which can sometimes lower a house’s final price. – NBCNews

It costs $11.99 per report.

So far, the database has more than 4.5 million listings in it for folks to search through, and have sold 30,000 reports without any marketing. For now, the listing report can tell you if someone died in the house – either natural causes or otherwise – if there was fire damage to the home or if there was a meth lab or any other chemical waste at the home. – Kmov

Besides the useful information and those in the spooky spirit, the site is also challenge ghost investigators.

Leslie Self, 36, a caregiver and pro bono paranormal investigator in Craig, Colo., has used a Diedinhouse report for six of his recent clients.

In one case, a couple was bedeviled by knocking sounds in the night in the home the woman inherited from her grandmother. Self ran a search on Diedinhouse and didn’t find any evidence the grandmother had died in the house. After descending into the basement, he discovered the ghastly noises in the night came from the water heater kicking on. – NBCNews


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