A Woman was ‘possessed by a devil’ on a bus in San Luis, Argentina

Another passenger filmed her as she spoke in a deep, demonic voice. The driver stopped the bus and police officers came to help her. Bus passengers must have believed they were on the road to Hell when a woman became ‘possessed’ by a devil during a routine journey.

The bus was travelling through the city of San Luis in central Argentina one night when a female passenger started showing some symptoms that were alarming. Another passenger started filming on a phone as the woman’s head lolled around and she began talking in a deep, manly, demonic voice.

She sat shouting unintelligible words in a terrifying voice out. At one point a fellow passenger approached the girl to try to comfort her but she seems to ignore him and continues to thrash about.

Witnesses said the woman, who also vomited, seemed to be owned by an evil spirit. The bus driver was forced to stop the bus so the terrified passengers could get off. The woman remained alone on the bus until police officers arrived and took her police station.

The footage of the event was posted online, where the Woman’s spooky activities were noted on by social media users. The present state of the girl remains uncertain.

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