About the film ” The Exorcist ” in real life by  Jainette
The Exorcist. Great movie was on theater in last couple months. The movie basic on true story that people been searching on internet. Questions on people mind why would happening? What it happens in real life?

It’s often mentioned that the real-life possession on whom the 1974 film The Exorcist is based actually happened to a male, rather than a female. Well, the pseudonyms “Roland Doe” and “Robbie Mannheim” refer to that boy, who experienced possession-like symptoms at Cottage City, Maryland in the late 1940s.

If documented accounts are to be believed, ‘Robbie’s’ Aunt Harriet, who was the boy’s main playmate, introduced him to the Ouija board, and upon her death, the strange occurrences began. These included the sound of squeaking and marching feet filling the family home, and furniture being moved around without anyone touching them. In fact, a vase was reported to have levitated, a vessel of holy water was said to have smashed itself on the ground, and a picture of Jesus supposedly shook as though something was thumping on it from behind. Doctors, both psychiatric and medical, could not explain the events.

Eventually, an exorcism was attempted by Rev. Edward Hughes, a Catholic priest, but a wound requiring stitches was inflicted upon the pastor, stopping the rite. A later exorcism was attempted by three Jesuits, one of them reporting that the words “hell” and “evil” appeared as wounds on the boy’s body. All in all, the exorcism ritual was attempted thirty times before achieving its goal, Robbie going on to live a normal life afterwards.

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