I have been reading stories on here for the past couple weeks and live in south Jersey. I finally decided to post one of my own, merely because it is enjoyable to share the most wonderful thing that’s ever occurred in my experience and though I only have two, after seeing a couple ones that were similar.

I and my husband let our first cat collectively get pregnant. She’d four healthy kittens during a raging thunderstorm, and we kept them all. They were and are my whole life (don’t have kids and do not want them). We call them ‘the originals’, because we’re animal lovers (go vegan, it is better for everything and everyone!) And have fostered, that was full-on or sheltered saved many more cats since then.

Just before their 5th birthday the youngest of the originals, Moccasin, was hit by an automobile. Many people will say that we should not let them out, but we believe that a joyful life cut short is better than a depressed long one, and my cats just love to play outside! That makes me feel better than envisioning her with me but staring sadly out the window all day long. We were all very devastated for a few weeks though- our small family was torn apart.

About six months later I discovered a kitten crying in the woods alone outside my work, after a raging thunderstorm. He was hanging around the turkeys and guinea hens we’d in the backyard there, and we named him Turkey. I felt like Mocca had sent him because he only seemed like when they were born out of a thunderstorm, Moccasin was a fluff-ball, and while her first three kittens and Mama Cat were haired. And Turkey is the bouffant, most fluffy fluff-ball I Have ever seen.

My husband behaved his mama and was smitten with him; he’s less affinity for me. He likes all and me, but you know what I mean, when an animal has a favorite. My point is, Turkey has just licked me one time in the 2 1/2 years we have had him, and I am fairly sure it was by accident because believe he thought he was licking his own fur. I I pet him during his bath time and I get kisses all the time in the others; they are those originals, an extremely affectionate group.

Moccasin practically fell behind the washing machine and dryer and I was catching and attempting to keep her up on top of them; in the dream I understood I couldn’t let her fall down there and there was more at stake than simply the annoyance of getting items back up from behind the washer. I actually did get her back up, and her and Turkey began nuzzling on each other, Turkey waving his luxurious tail in her face and Moccasin sniffing all over him, while I pet both of them. I recall I insanely happy in the dream and was smiling but I woke up crying hysterically.

I just understood that it was real, it was different than any other dream I’ve ever had. I recall how my face felt smiling, when I was attempting to keep her up on the washer and the weight of her body pulling down how Moccasin’s joints felt under my hands, I recall clearly hearing my own voice speaking to them and laughing. I went straight to Turkey, who seemed like he’d just woken on a kitchen chair and got out of bed. I went and hugged him and said ‘Turkey, was not that unreal? Were you there with me and Mocca?’ And he looked at my eyes and then licked my hand, merely one long stroke all the way up the back.

I believed that Moccasin was coming to meet Turkey, the wonderful man that she had sent us to calm some of our grief. It’s been several months since this occurred, and I still consistently try to get Turkey to give me a lick, but he hasn’t done it. It made me wonder how frequently she is in the fantasies of her brothers and sister, and merely made me feel grateful that I was there that time and hopeful for another meeting in the foreseeable future.

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