My name is Lord Rick Rowe aka AngelOfThyNight founder of The Paranormal & Ghost Society. We opened up our doors in 2001 in Buffalo NY and eventually relocated to Florida and out west in the Lake Tahoe area. Our organization is a mix between the paranormal, urban exploration, adventuring and scientific credible research into the strange and unknown. Over the many years of our journeys we have investigated forts, cemeteries, haunted houses, caves, ghost towns, mines, factories, tunnels, catacombs, military sites, historic locations and everything else in between.

As a child I was able to predict the future and also had quite a few experiences with levitation. I had interactions with multiple ghosts especially these Shadowmen who would visit me later at night most of the time while I was sleeping. I never really understood these creatures or why they visited me but my father at a young age introduced me to the world of the paranormal especially when I had gotten my first camera and photographed the head of a ghost at old Fort Niagara which sparked a paranormal group to investigate it on live radio. Years later I would return to the fort where I came face to face with a black creature crawling on all fours during a snow storm by myself late one night.


You can consider me an old school paranormal investigator I do not rely on heavy equipment but rather good old fashioned hard work. Although we use tools such as a digital recorder, cameras and gauss meters most of the work we do is done by being thorough. We put allot of hours into our cases and in other circumstances can hike as much as 25 miles on a given weekend and drive as far as 500 miles in a 24 hours period. Its tedious work and we have done some expeditions in blizzards, hurricanes and extreme heat. I believe in taking chances not running but handling all situations with logic, science and common sense. The paranormal is a sacrifice and if you cant give all of yourself to it then you will only short yourself the dark truths that have remained hidden for thousands of years from mankind.

PGS has done well over 1100 investigations, journeys and cases some of them are extremely dangerous. We have been shot at, dealt with bigfoot encounters, UFOs and even came face to face with an alien. The locations we have done have varied from vast desert expanses to sub tropical climates all the way from forested regions of the US. We do have plans to expand our journeys out of the country to other parts of the world and have done cases in numerous states. Every case I have put forth blood, sweat and tears today it has taken a huge toll on me medically but I have no regrets about the time spent as an investigator except for one.


In 2003 my friend was tragically killed on an investigation by a drunk driver. The location known as Goodleberg Cemetery was one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world as a Dr decades ago was illegally aborting babies and sometimes dumping the women in the nearby creek. The area behind the cemetery also has hell hounds. He wanted to show me a haunted bridge and while we were walking at night he was hit and the individual continued to flee. He was being trained by me and its one of the more tragic stories of my career in this field because he was killed at such a young age all because he wanted to experience the paranormal on a more seriously level. All the work that we do here at PGS is done in his name we must never let his death be in vain and must continue doing what he loved. It took allot of courage to return here after the incident one of the hardest things I have ever had to do more so then climbing mountains or cliffs.

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