We have one of the highest success rates involving the paranormal which ranges from real UFO footage to physical Bigfoot evidence. We also boast some of the best apparition photos in the world and demonic entities. I have authored two books and I am listed by authors in other literature pieces. We have been on television multiple times however I quit the industry after SYFY network was trying to get me to lie, fake evidence and was trying to fraud the public. We are even listed in the credits of a rock bands CD cover.

We have over 1000 exciting cases coming up in our future many of them involve rock climbing, summating mountains, offroading to the most secluded places on earth and are locations that most men have never stepped foot at. The work we do is very risky everything from being chased, shot at, near death falls, harsh weather to military personal chasing us and the paranormal trying to get us. I have looked at death in the face and what does not kill you makes you stronger.


I have had Bigfoot throw rocks at me just as entities throw objects at us or try to lock us in a basement. I know what it is like to become the prey as monsters are very real. Some of our more famous cases have been the Buffalo Asylum, Pine Barrens Jersey Devil Expedition, Area 51, Central Terminal Railroad Station, Bulow Plantation, Potosi Mine, Aquarama Bayliner, Utica Lunatic Asylum, Jobs Peak, Virginia City, Bodie where we filmed a shadow entity at, Savannah Georgia, St. Augustine Florida including the famous haunted lighthouse and hundreds of many more great locations.

I am a producer, talk show host of AngelOfThyNight Radio, author, paranormal investigator and the founder of our organization. The work I do is full time and no less as our site is directed at preservation, conservation, helping, teaching and sharing our research with the public. History and every element involved is put together for our viewers so that they can enjoy each location fully. Between our research and my sons I keep very busy.

I enjoy video games, hiking, camping, fishing, knives, guns, rock climbing, cliff climbing, adventure, offroading, hockey, football, basketball, amusement parks, 420, beer, nature, photography, music, paranormal, history, science, reading, cooking, archery, horror movies, comedy, animals and kids. I have dogs which are rescues, various cats and a turtle. Our site is directed at the legalization of marijuana and have advocated for many years. We are one of the very first paranormal sites to do this along with many other methodologies other groups do not and have not used which makes us one of the more unique paranormal organizations out there. I also run a photography business and we do offer top of the line paranormal equipment as well to our members at wholesale cost.


My life hangs on a hinge anything and everything can happen anytime on an investigations. You hear about these disappearances all the time and vanishing’s. I have come close to disappearing numerous times. I once was injured in a canyon during an investigation had to use a two way radio to call in for a helicopter ride to airlift me off a mountain. This was not my only brink with death I been banned from Cape Canaveral by NASA and the US Military. I have had an encounter with a zombie and I have over 500 scars that I have gotten during my years of investigating the paranormal.

I keep an openmind in my work covering all aspects of Cryptozoology, Parapsychology, Paranormal, Fortean, UFOLOGY, Conspiracies and so much more. We have done cases into the Hollow Earth all the way to demonic exorcisms and even lake monsters. Their are no limits to what we can do or where we can go with this. Everything is interconnected therefore we cannot just focus on one topic but rather we try to mix them at all times. We are so thorough we never leave one stone unturned and even when we explore mines every tunnel deserves a gander. Our encounters with Bigfoot are some of the best in the world so are some of the tracks we have found. I have found that the hundreds of investigations I have done alone have allowed me to have rare chance encounters most investigators never get to experience in there lives I consider myself not only lucky to have witnessed such events but to be alive to tell about them!


As a paranormal investigator I have struggled with hate groups, threats, liars, fake shows and those who possess extreme prejudices towards me or my group. It has been very hard over the years dealing with others stealing our locations or our work to spite me or turn what we do into their own financial gain. It has been a very hard uphill battle for me to continue the work I do knowing this. To have other location coordinators from TV shows air the places that we have worked so hard at or to have an author not list your cases because they do not like that your covered in tattoos or feel that your not a celebrity so your cases mean nothing.

Its easy to be shunned or judged by the public when your really good at something or put forth such great evidence that others let their skepticism abuse your work that is why its so important to have an openmind but also to give others a fair chance and my work speaks for itself very few will ever reach the accomplishments I have in my years of hard work in this field let alone the large and notable cases we have taken on. The more strange things I encounter the more I get sucked into the paranormal as one things leads to the next. My entire life has been one big episode of the X-Files and yes entities have followed me home numerous times. I think that this scares others when they know you are closer with the paranormal then most humans and they feel you are a disease or that they fear something they do not know rather then to take this as a learning experience.


I work with the paranormal to truth seek I want to learn but also teach as the universe is full of mysteries and many more remain that need to be sought out here on Earth. Our motto is Truth, Adventure & Friendship but our goal is to reveal the world beyond your eyes and embrace the journey. I do not do what I do for fame nor for money I do it for my fans, members and my friends. For those who may not be able to journey to the places that I am able to see and experience. In all due time we will reveal all and in the future to finally seek out the truth that has remained hidden from mankind.

Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
PGS Founder

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