You will find a lot of people out there who’ve had some Ouija board experiences that are really odd. Beneath, you’ll discover several examples. It’s intriguing to notice that while some people have adverse experiences, other folks have some which are not neutral.
The dilemma regarding whether Ouija boards represent an optimistic force or a force that is negative is a discussion that’s continued for a long time. On the one side, a lot of people consider that Ouija boards function as a portal or gateway for manipulative and bad powers that seek to affect your life. On another side, you’ll find those who consider that without your own sway, the board itself has no power, and the Ouija board merely functions as a portal site to your own own psychic powers. To put it differently, the board is not doing the “magic”, you’re.

Awful Experiences
There are numerous negative and even “demonic” encounters that support the case for the board functioning as an instrument for evil powers that seek to affect this world. The following are several examples that are prime.

A Bad
Over the course of the Ouija board experiment, they asked for confirmation that was unnatural that it was actual. Based on the narrative, a departure was accurately called by the Ouija board weekly as time goes on, it caused a horrible stench to fill the air and made the house tremor.

It Took Over the Life of Mother
She was shocked by the picture of her mom sitting facing the Ouija board that has been going all by itself, as she peaked around the corner, and the voices of a variety of individuals were coming from her mom. Things in the house became so poor that Pam had to move from the home. This narrative is told in the unique viewpoint of a kid, and parallels the narratives of many parents who have problems with addictions of one sort or another.

Great Encounters
On another side of the argument, a good amount of personal experiences support the theory the Ouija board is a portal site into psychic powers or your own subconscious, or a temporal doorway to talk to spirits of individuals who have passed away. While it’s true that some Ouija board experiences that are favorable exist, they’re considerably harder to locate as opposed to negative ones.

Girl who received an Ouija board as something special from her mom when she was a young kid is told about by a narrative from 2006. The night before the family would head out on a trip to see with her grandparents, the board was used by them. The Ouija board reacted by warning her mom and the girl which they shouldn’t leave at that time because there would be an injury with a semi resulting from broken tire. Had they been there just several minutes before, they din’t have survived.

If either side of the argument is right, there’s great reason to stay careful when using this kind of tool or item with properties that are unknown. Contemplating both sides of the debate, there’s a lot that isn’t understood about the actual nature and power and human psychology of the subconscious mind. On the flip side, there exists also a great deal that remains a puzzle about the religious level of existence. Thus, regardless what response lies behind the wellspring of advice that comes in the Ouija board, the facts are that it stays an item with properties that are unknown. Carelessly managing this kind of item would be like a little kid without understanding the potential effects managing a loaded firearm. That is why, it is important when placing your fingertips upon this cryptic board to carry on both spiritually and emotionally with caution.

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