I have always been cynical of the Ouija board as it just always seems like it is moving when it would touch which I think is the reason there are so many skeptics. Therefore I decided to make a simple change which would prove to me that its either fake or real as we’d many “spirits” come through that night so I had 2 of my buddies put on blind folds so they couldn’t see anything that was happening. My idea here was that if unexpectedly no natures came through it was clearly one of my pals. Well that did not happen.

I put their blind folds on and I guarantee you could see anything through them. I asked the obvious first question “is there a spirit here that wishes to convey”. It sat there for probably a minute free of movement, then it slowly slipped to “No”. A shiver went up my spine and I got goosebumps even though I still thought maybe they got lucky and still moved it.

So I inquired “why don’t you want to communicate”, assuming one of my friends got lucky and was able to hit the word “No” and was pushing them to have to reply something that would make them try and spell something. But then it spelled out “W-A-I-T-I-N-G”, hitting nearly every letter precisely which told me immediately there was no way they were the ones transferring it.ouija board 1002

I then asked “what have you been waiting for?”, it slipped up to “No” and stayed there for a minute, then spelled out “W-H-O”. Therefore I asked what seemed like the logical question to ask which was “who are you looking forward to?”, it slid up to “No”, then fell along the numbers that were as follows “2-0-1-8-3-2-1”. They also made no sense to the questions I will be asking although the answers were to precise for their sake to be doing it.

So I was getting confused but also for the very first time felt like there was really a real connection to something instead of “understanding” one of my buddies were moving it. So I asked “who are you, what exactly is your name”, and it spelled out “S-T-O-P”. Getting the feeling what I was conveying with something that definitely didn’t need to talk, but I also needed to get some information that made sense to me. My buddies swear they took their hands off of it was shortly as the lightbulb blew and never touched it. I do not know if that’s true, if they desired to mess with me or if it got there some other way, but I believe I am done with Ouija boards going.

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