Paranormal Lockdown one of most haunting show that I LOVE watching every Tuesday! It is an excellent idea to have a 72 hour lock down. So much more time to inquire. I’ve saw Ghost Adventures from the beginning but with every season, I’ve seen the egotism of Zac grow bigger and larger and it’s made it tough to see anymore. I’ve always enjoyed Nick. I believe he seems really meek and the real deal.

I expect the show gets excellent ratings and is on for a lengthy time. The investigations so far have been incredibly interesting and I Have been amazed at the evidence they’ve show up with during each investigation. I look forward to each show. I’m not certain who sang the tune for the intro, but really great tune too! #team Nick and Katrina! 🙂

There is much to appreciate about Paranormal Lockdown. From the opening credits, I was hooked. Not only is the tune haunting, but the images are so wonderfully stylistic although you can’t help but be ushered. If you are a fan of paranormal investigation, you’ve without doubt saw other shows where you squint into the grainy, green hued night vision, desperately attempting to make out anomalies and shadows. Paranormal Lockdown has taken this to the following level with their crystal.Paranormal Lockdown 999

The images are bright and so sharp that it took me a few minutes to realize I was looking at night vision pictures. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Nick and Katrina are two of my favorite P.I.’s. I thoroughly appreciated their previous work on Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State .

I was so pleased with their on screen chemistry and the no-fuss, non-gimmicky fashion they established right off the bat. This show is about paranormal investigation and documenting evidence that is valid. It’s straightforward and as clear as that. And it is really entertaining to observe. Looking forward to tons and many more episodes of new groundbreaking evidence!

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