So, last week, my boyfriend and I were bored in our apartment seeing the exorcism of Emily rose. We began discussing our views on the paranormal life and he eventually brought up Ouija boards. After 20 minutes of debating on whether it is real, he determined to “prove me wrong”. He brought his Ouija board out and set it on our kitchen table. He shut off all the lights and lit candles.

After he got everything set, we began playing. It required a great 5 attempts until we got replies. It said it’s name was Lennon and it wanted me to be the bride of it’s. I began freaking out, so Daniel decided to shut the match.

3 nights past, something strange happened and I feel like I’m going mad, although nothing happened after the game shuts. He was watching a film and I was reading a book. Around 12, we got tired and fell asleep. Here’s the part I’m freaking out about. I wasn’t in deep sleep, and I believed it was Daniel, so I didn’t bother getting up.ouija board 1003

I then felt something touching my thighs and rubbing on my crotch. I believed it was Daniel, so I didn’t bother getting up. Eventually, I felt something slide under my knickers and begin rubbing. Afterward I felt something wet begin rubbing on my crotch. I let it go on for a few minutes because I thought it was Daniel. Soon, I started moaning and gasping for air and Daniel woke me up wondering what was wrong. I asked Daniel why he ceased and he replied saying “quit what”.

I used ton’t say any more. I didn’t clarify what happened to me either. Every evening nevertheless, I feel this sense, and I want to make it cease but I like it. I am scared and I need help.

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