Can Spirits make you sick? Can they plauge your body like a cancer? The answer may just surprise you.

The answer is: Yes. According to certain theories, spirits draw on energy to manifest, and in some cases survive and even pocess the living. They can provoke high levels of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, love and lust and feed off the energy that is produced by our bodies, to do whatever it is they plan on doing.  In some cases its so extreme and occurrs so often, that the living human becomes ill. They feel weak, drained, no amount of coffee or sleep, helps. They may decide to take extra vitamins, but, its not always a normal factor of stress that’s causing it.

Living Free From Regret

To find out if there’s a spirit sucking your “juices” and just about anyone can do this, have a person whom you trust, take a Pure White (taper) Candle, and slowly go along your body. Head to toe. (Obviously, this means standing still, because the candle IS lit). Have them move slowly, and if the flame changes from a pure color, like a white-yellow, to a blue or black color, it means some sort of entity has latched itself to you. Say a healing prayer, of your choice, and use the power of the purity of the white candle and flame help remove it. Also take boiling hot water, mixed w sea salt and sage, cooled down of course, and just sprinkle some on you to help cleanse and wash the entity’s energy from your body. It also works as a bath, but, will dry your skin out, so sprinkling a little bit here and there on your person is better.


Also, do these steps around your home, this will help eliviate some energy until a proper cleansing can be done.
Blessed Be!
(please note, this does Not usually work w non human spirits/entities, or demonic forces.)

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