Friday, December 14, 2018



Top 5 Creepy Children In Horror Movies

There are some matters that can be set into a horror movie that will forthwith help it become creepier, and one of those things is unquestionably a child. I understand that sometimes that can...

The Conjuring 2: 65 year old man dies watching horror film

An Indian 65 year old man has died of a heart attack while watching new horror sequel The Conjuring 2. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he passed away. Times of India reports that...

What You May Well Not Know About Horror Movies

Story lines for horror movies are demonically inspired. The source feeding the information into the thoughts of the writers is not upright, and you can bet that there’s lots of black spiritual activity going...

3 Fantastic Horror Movies Unfairly Snubbed At The Oscars

Horror has consistently been the black sheep of movie genres when it comes to artistic recognition. This is particularly true in the eyes of The Academy – Those 3 Fantastic Horror Movies Unfairly Snubbed...

“The Neon Demon”: This is the film for you

A cocktail of sexual encounter and craziness, "The Neon Demon" is a cinematic effort that deserves to be lived in the broadest display potential and whilst you may likely not walk from it emotionally...

3 Reasons Why Horror Horror movies Are best for You

Should you be reading this post because you have significantly more than a fleeting fascination with the horror genre it is, odds are. Well if so, I have some great news for you: those...
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