This can be the very first time I Have ever submitted among my encounters online. I am not a writer, so please bear with me if there are any grammatical mistakes or if it appears like I am rambling (only attempting to describe practically everything as it occurred leading up to the purpose of the narrative etc). I am putting this story out there that someone can shed some light on the issue as it’s harassed my ideas for over a decade and within my place has had this same experience.

Only outside of Ipswich is the suburb of Wacol. Wacol is home to the ill-famed Wolston Park Mental Asylum.

This event occurred in 2002.

That night in 2002 my cousins came over to my house to pick up me to visit a Mormon church dancing for young adults. These dances were held by them fairly often. It was a matter that is regional and young adults from throughout the area would attend. The dancing was from Ipswich about 45 minutes in a northern suburb. We made our way to the houses of our other 3 friends to pick them up also after my cousins picked me up.

We mingle, get to the dancing and catch up with our pals from other areas and at about 11:30pm, the 6 of us decide we have had way to the automobile. our enough and made The automobile that we were picked by my cousins up in was an old van that belonged for their parents but one the parents seldom used. The second row of seats was inhabited by my girl cousin and myself, and our buddy that is other sat by herself. We left the dancing but instead of going straight home since it was close to the chapel we were only at we decided to select drive.

We went for a walk around town and parked the van. It was walking past some of the clubs and a warm Saturday night we’d find security guards we’d have a chat together and that we understood standing outside the nightclub doorways. None of us needed to go into the nightclubs so we decided to only grab some ice cream and head home wearing best.Dead Man Walking 1

If you reside in Ipswich and particularly back then… You back without having to go past where you turn off to go into the property of the Wolston Park hospital and could not go to Brisbane. Well, not if you needed to go the method that is fast anyhow. Equipped with McDonald’s chocolate sundaes, we headed back towards Ipswich and made our way to the car.

When we got near Wacol my man cousin asks “Do you guys need to check out Wolston?” It was nearly 2am. The 2 girls in front with him were frightened but still said yes. His sister, who was sitting with me, rolled her eyes and ignored what he was saying and carried on speaking about her boyfriend to me. Nothing was said by our pal at the rear. I never saw a single thing that was frightful, perhaps except for the naked runaway mental patient while the patient yelled every curse word under sunlight at no one particularly being escorted back into the property by security. The security staff tell us to leave and would glare at us or we’d get such and done for loitering/trespassing. They were either walking or driving around trying to find thrill-seeking teenagers and driving them out of the reasons instantly.

But this special night, there was no one in sight… No small white security hatchbacks beams on, like there normally is patrolling the property. It where the new buildings now stand, there used to be merely overgrown bushes and shrubs, and was quite dim.

We enter the property, it’s not light, like pitch black. My cousin killed the lights to show us just pitch black before his sister shouted at him to turn the lights back on and stop acting dumb it was. We have a snooze and drive farther into the property, my cousin and I yapping away about some garbage while our buddy at the back determined to lie down.

Unexpectedly, my cousin driving shouts “[email protected]#T! and we look over at the threesome in the front. The 2 girls are huddling up to each other trembling and simply saying “OH MY GOSH! What is wrong with him?! I’d like to go home!” My head immediately turned back to look out the rear window of the van and I could make out, under the moonlight, a man, who appeared to be walking with a limp following us. My cousin driving said they saw someone go past.

To which he responded “DO YOU NEED ME TO TURN BACK?!” The 2 girls in front with him are yelling “NO, NO, NO! While his sister and I are at the back yelling “YES, YES, YES!” We did not see this mysterious, spooky stranger because we were busy chatting away. We only needed to support what we believed and believed it was likely only some homeless guy seeking refuge or maybe another daring patient. Nevertheless, while the van turned and drove back the way we came. She looked at me frightened but at once it was like “oh great, not YOU also”.Dead Man Walking 2

We keep driving that method to see if he is spotted by us again. After driving a short while rather than seeing anybody (which I thought was odd because I’d seen him myself coming in our way, we should have seen him just as we turned the car around) but nope, no one. We’re driving through the darkness, the only light we’ve are the dimmed lights on the van. Abruptly, the lights fall upon a solitary figure in the dark, his back turned to us… I thought to myself, and particularly with that little limp?!). He could be simply walking on the grass on the side of the road and he does not even turn around to recognize the fact that there is a car behind him.

But not him, it is like we were not even there. I felt that something wasn’t quite appropriate here from taking a look at the rear of him. His clothes were tattered, filthy and seemed dated, like early 90’s design when some men were trying to dress like Nirvana and other grunge groups that are various. Something only looked soooo off about the entire scenario, like yeah I get that folks everywhere wearing old tatty clothing can be seen by us but something about this only had a frightening and weird feeling I can not put into words. He was White and as we got nearer I saw that his matted blond shoulder length hair was clumpy, stringy, only dirty like it hadn’t been brushed in a long time… Some of it tied back at the front he’d more of his ratty looking hair, in a low ponytail.

MY GOD, I’ve never seen a living man seem that way. She did not end because she slammed the window shut and simply cried her head away, and did the 2 girls screaming I ‘d ever heard in my life asking her question,. As my cousin was pushing back away from the window that she was beating me I was freaked out also but could not cry. I could not even let out a little yelp!

You’ve got to see this!” She simply lay there weeping with her eyes close tight and telling me over and over “NO! NO! I AM NOT GETTING UP, I AM NOT GETTING UP!” Fair enough, welp.

I recall that even though there was hardly any light, his face stood out soooo much! I’ve never within my life seen a man that colour despite the fact that he was White. I ‘ve buddies who are soft and they seem like they have spent several hours in a tanning bed compared for this man! But at precisely the same time had a blue- purple, y -ish tinge about him. I believe it was his bloodless veins showing through his skin that is white. So difficult although I see him plainly within my head to put into words. He might have had light blue eyes because you could make out them underneath the milky picture that had covered his pupils. His eyes were dead, for dearth of an improved term. But that is the word that comes to mind once I think of them.

He’d marks on his face. Strong pink scrapes that would have been bleeding had been washed. You understand how in the films when they pull so somebody can take a glance at the corpse those steel drawers outside at the morgue. He only opened his mouth, did not say a word and made a groaning sound afterward he extended a light white hand towards the car and then we only sped away.

We were a group of children and we were terrified, although now that I ‘m old, I’m horrible for the way we responded and driving off like that, crying like lunatics. I wish we had attempted to convey with him, and had been so much more calm about it. And being back in 2002, cell phones with cameras were uncommon, most adolescents still did not even have a cell phone. So we could not get a picture.

I attempted to seek for any information related to this, unfortunately I found nothing. I tried hunting around the region for matters like Missing Persons or unsolved homicides. But if his picture was found by me, I likely would not even recognise him as he’d look nothing the manner he did that night. Was he attempting to take shortcut and came across a deranged patient? And if he was killed there, is his body entombed there somewhere never to be located? The place has a horrible history.

We went to fill up after we left Wolston Park we were shaken and it was not until we got into the petrol station that was nicely lit that our buddy at the back eventually sat up. I recall her asking for a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar with a fearful and quiet voice. She certainly was shaken up for someone who did not see anything! Hehe

She came over to my house with my girl cousin several months ago and we talked about it. But we all agreed that what we observed wasn’t of this world. We understand we what WE saw! I recall my man cousin had to walk each of us girls into our houses as we were too frightened to get by ourselves out of the car.

Wolston Asylum is definitely rumoured to be haunted. I and my boyfriend drove in 2011 through Wolston. It’s different now, not menacing and at all scary as it used to look. They have actually cleaned up it, well and new buildings lit also.

I think about that man that is young, I wonder how he got there and who he is. Some parents said that a devil was seen by us because we were hanging out at night instead of being church children that were great and going home right after the dancing. I wonder if we saw someone who relives the instant of his departure at every anniversary. I wonder if he has been seen by anyone. That is why I needed to discuss my narrative, it is been so long and I consider it on a regular basis.

I understand this story looks somewhat jumbled and is overly long. I expect those of you who had enough patience to read through all the way could make some sense of it.

I am interested…

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