I do believe in the paranormal. I don’t believe in haunted objects or jumping to conclusions.

My family lived in an *occupied* home for 22 years. Most of the activity centered around my mother. When that home was sold in 1997 and she moved to another home, the activity slowly began to return. Nothing frightening – an apparition appearing inside the fireplace, her couch being *punched* from underneath when she sat on it..and more. My mom is somewhat of an em-path, and seems to attract people from the past.

In my 1860 farmhouse here in the Netherlands was someone who was long dead and didn’t know enough to lie down. After hearing someone walking on the second floor when nobody was up there, hearing footfalls coming down the stairs (squeaky stairs) and finding nobody there, plus having my Cockatiels scared silly from having their standing cage violently shaken – twice – while I was in the room was all a bit much.Deadly Possessions 2(image from travelchannel)

I finally told whoever it was to either show themselves and tell me what they want or get out of my house. Seems they chose to get out, as there was no more occurrences. I don’t put a so-called haunted object on the same scale as a haunting within a house. There’s nothing wrong with the house, in and of itself. People don’t converse with a house in the way that they converse with a supposedly haunted/cursed doll.

I also find it amusing when paranormal investigators appear to be afraid of the very things they are investigating.

Yes, I am a skeptic. Too many are too ready to believe everything, Some of the best paranormal investigators are skeptics. Nothing is paranormal until consistently (not just a single time!) proven to be otherwise. Those who take the attitude of “Hey, this is paranormal and you prove to me that it’s not”, don’t belong in the field.

I have no need to get in contact with a paranormal professional. I have a small circle of friends who are professionals.

One of them is Jayne Harris, who investigates haunted dolls and will soon be seen on Zak’s show. I will put my questions to her and an investigator friend in upstate NY. Jayne and I have been trying discover the origin of the marionette she keeps locked up in a sealed cabinet which has been blessed ( No, I don’t believe in that, either!). No luck yet in finding out who created the marionette. I suggested that it is a possibility that someone who worked at Pelham created the marionette. There is an explanation for every event. Finding the correct explanation is the challenge.

An interesting thought: why are the people who collect all these “haunted” objects for their museums not affected? Is it because these objects have been “blessed” and the evil eradicated, or simply because these objects were never really haunted?

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