Kelly Wilkinson, a mother who lived in “Demon House” reported her 12 year old daughter and nine years old son had been possessed.  The poor woman had a way out and has $35K in her pocket because of Zak Bagans ( Host of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel) who bought it in January earlier this year.

Zak Bagans

Before Zack Bagans, some of investors would like to purchase this house to sell it, but they ran away after visited this Demon House. Joe (one of investor) reported, “I was in that house looking it over for my boss to see if it was worth buying and fixing up to rent out. I was in there for what felt like 20 to 30 minutes, the house was completely empty, yet I heard what sounded like a little child crying softly, saw things moving in the dark corners like they were watching and hunting me, going down to the basement I got a heavy feeling like a hog weight was just put upon me, so I went to go upstairs and on my way up I noticed you can see under the stair very clearly yet halfway up something grabbed my pant leg causing me to fall, I got back up and ran out of the house. Apparently I was in there for a lot longer than I thought because it was light when I went in, and dark when I came out, I had been in the house for over three hours. I will never go back inside unless I am with someone.”

Ryan Turgeon

Zak also started production for “The Demon House” back in April, but had to temporarily shut down production in the summer due to unsafe conditions. Zak told TMZ Media, “One of my member crew quit on the spot when we heard what the girl was doing when she was possessed. It was then I made the decision that the home was unsafe and called the priest to exorcise the house. The exorcism was unsuccessful, and things continued. For the safety of crew we halted production, and it’s been months since then. We plan to resume in December.”

Hope Zak and his team make a great document about this Demon House when it on Air in the end of this year.


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