Green Room was simply given a run for its money by Fede Alvarez with “Don’t Breathe”, glorious exercise in suspense and an amazingly extreme movie. It is among the finest studio-made thrillers I have found in years. The old man, only thing is more skillful than they understand. The movie does not let up, running at a skimpy 88 minutes once the story gets rolling while the set up is a little too pedestrian, albeit efficient. Besides that, “Don’t Breathe” movie is best seen going in understanding as little as possible.

Like the masters before him, “Don’t Breathe” is relying less on dialogue, only cinematic and more on visual storytelling and audio to drive the movie. The cinematography is impressive in addition to the creative design that is sound, so they’re characters within the movie themselves.

Don’t Breathe movie is scheduled to hit theaters on August 26th, 2016

Dylan Minnette is not bad in his part too, supplying enough sympathy for his character. Both young performers are place through hell, and their tumultuous ordeal is sold by their physical performances . Nevertheless, it’s Stephen Lang who’s the glowing beacon of the movie. As the antagonist, Lang is frightening and immediately memorable, an intimidating power that permeates through the entire movie in scenes without his existence.Don't Breathe 1

I will not say more. “Don’t Breathe” is the uncommon studio movie that really pushes what movie can do as a medium, a technical accomplishment. Yet, like with Green Room, make an effort not to get caught up in the hoopla, despite my enthusiastic review. Establish suitably, and recall to avoid seeing the preview.

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