Have you ever walk in the houses that you felt bad vibe or unhappy? There’s a heavy feeling when you enter a house. The energy that is created by certain elements that most people can’t know explain it. It’s about E -N- E -R -G -Y. No need to read between the lines. There are no hidden meanings here ( pay attention to Feng Shui )

Houses have bad vibe or bad energy can bring a bad luck for your life, etc lost relationships, pets sickening & dying, personal health problems, money losses. If some people don’t believe it that’s their choice. The following stories bellow will tell you why you need to get away with it.

bad vibe

1.Lost relationships, the previous owner might have unhappy home life, and the bad energy was still lingering, and never went away. When the new owner come, the bad energy is still there and might broken their relationship in many ways.

2.Pets sickening & dying. Most animals like cat or dog are sensitive.Before and after you moved to new house if there are something change with dog or cat that they acted like crazy or even worst they died in no reason.

3.Personal Health problems, feeling tired or sleepy that you don’t want leave a house even though you really want to spend time outdoors

4. Money losses. You might lost a good job with no reason, involved with car accident…

Some house issues are to do with things ( paranormal ) in the house rather than the house itself. If you still want to live in the house have bad vibe, talk to your minister or priest, or rabbi, or imam before you move in.

bad vide house

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