Do you see it? That shape? That strangely humanoid, “thing”?

If you do, don’t acknowledge it. Don’t look and stare at it. Really, just hum and ignore as much as you possibly can, unless its standing over top of you while you’re laying in bed, whispering to you what it wants to do to you in the dark. Don’t pay attention to him it will only lead you to trouble.

Shadow People, are not people. Not 100% of the time. Alot of times they are entities. Dark forces, demons…they Will hurt you. They Will kill you.

Just look at the sudden, quick cold shiver that goes down your spine when you glimpse it.  Just the thought of a spirit with enough mojo in it to create a shape, but not its face, not its color..the feeling of terrible dread, uncontrolled fear…that’s their power.

Do yourself a favor, ignore, ignore ignore!

NOTE (If you are being accosted by them, there are some psychics, and Mediums, who will help you. Or even try a local Shaman from a Native American tribe. Please! Do not try to rid yourself of them. They are extremely powerful. And many are very harmful.)


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