One-night I was having this weirdly vivid dream (if it had been a wish). I was come over by this darkness and I woke up freaked out and realized that I could not speak. I experienced therefore I couldn’t communicate like someone’s arms clamped my chin closed. So I tried to shout out his title to assist me as I am a Jehovah witness I am a powerful believer in Jehovah, nevertheless it appeared the harder I attempted the harder he clamped my mouth closed. I was so fearful I started to cry. I subsequently shot up screaming the name Jehovah and had allover.

When I played with my Ouija board another encounter I’d was. It had been my first-time playing with the Ouija board. I had my partner and my buddy Joshua Steven do that with me. If there is something in the place that desired to talk to us I asked, and at first there was no reply therefore I inquired again and started to view it gradually going as if it had been resolved whether to speak to us. I asked again plus it shifted hello. I told it hello and asked who it had been.

She didn’t want to talk long so down the road while in the night I tried again also it shifted hello and claimed her title was mix jug. it wouldn’t tell me its title although I told it hello and asked who it was now. It said it was a lady and he or she was 9 years of age. She said her mama killed her in my own siblings room because she was sick. She was born in 1949 and explained she was created on March 23rd that is my boyfriends birthday that will be ironic since how she’s fully enthusiastic about him. She even accepted it.

She advised Steven that his dad would die on his birthday and swore to never hurt him and believed to be in love. She was asked by me if she enjoyed me and she said no. I thought since I have went out with the individual it was as a result of jealousy she said to love. She would not reveal what they meant unless I left the area and kept saying every one of these abbreviations. So I did.

ouija board 102

I returned in therefore I expected them what she said and my sweetheart and brother appeared afraid,. They told me that she desired Steven to destroy me having an axe of course if he did not then she would. I used to be freaked out that whole night. I subsequently asked her she said no and if she was the previous evening the main one who sent the spring box bed on my men go. She was asked by me who did it and he or she said miz jugz. She was expected by me who miz jugz was and she said Satan. Next encounter I have to get my sweetheart do not like sleeping in bedrooms alone and also. But I cant seem to stop using the Ouija board

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