Before I start, I want to say this narrative might appear to be embellished or all together fictional. Nevertheless, this can be a thing that actually occurred to me and it is being reported by me in the factual way possible. Feel free to question them if you’ve got questions.

This event occurred about 2 years past.

They went on about god and it became more difficult and harder to hide my fury and it felt as though this amount of fury wasn’t possible to be had by someone. I was growling under my breath, and I could barely prevent myself, though I tried not to.

They proposed we all hold hands and pray when the buddies, a guy and two girls a little older than me, discovered this. I held the hands of my mom and the guy and I could feel myself digging with an extremely strong force, as they started to pray. After this had gone on for some time I could recall letting out a loud, Exorcism Experience scream and dropping abruptly on all fours. Now, they started to pray over me and I continued to cry on my family area flooring.

The mom of these friends had come over together with the remaining family to try and help me when this had been happening for a while. The mom began to anoint me with oil on my brow and I could feel a little burn but nothing that would induce me to say ouch. It seemed as if some strange language had been talked to this day I don’t have any idea what had been said and when the spirit in me cried. The feeling is not dissimilar to what someone feels when they have been leaving their body but it had not been my spirit that was leaving.

During the whole episode, my dog was barking inches from my face within an attempt to shield me. Because I was not conscious of it I was told this component after. He wasn’t barking at me, but if I was being attacked by something and it was frightening away.

This screaming and praying continued until around 3 AM. I cannot recall I being left by the spirit or what occurred to stop the exorcism. I am only able to recall needing to break free from everyone and only go to bed and sitting on the sofa crying. I also don’t have any memory of the subsequent few days after that, most likely because this occasion is to date and was quite traumatic the most terrifying thing I’ve lived through.

I tend not to consider myself to be a Christian and I was not converted by this encounter. I just wanted to share my Exorcism Experience. I consider that it was their own power and their belief inside their potential to help me, although I really believe that it had not been god’s power that has been used to help me escape the malevolent spirit. I also tend not to say because I cannot understand if it was this or another type of being that it was a devil.

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