Mallam Luthfi Jamal-Baba, an Islamic exorcist and imam, lately made the hilarious and frightening assertion that although both women and men can be possessed by evil spirits (also known as ‘jinns’), ‘beautiful women’ are more likely to be possessed by evil spirits at higher speeds.

Although he gave no clear reasons as to why he’s both detected and theorized that beautiful girls are possessed at rates that are higher, he did disclose the only ways to help prevent possession is prayer, preventing revealing clothes, and consistent bathing.

Considering the fact that signs of possession comprise self harm, speaking to yourself, and night terrors, it’s no surprise women are “ possessed” at higher rates.beautiful women 1

Most of these symptoms line up with the fact that girls mathematically deal with higher rates, sexual injury, and depression. Not to mention the extra variable of asserting you can prevent possession” by wearing the right clothing, which is obviously a gendered and victim-blaming position.

Despite those factors, it’s way more entertaining to imagine that beautiful women are legitimately possessed by spirits at rates, and that are higher because our bodies are being used as vessels for the matriarchal-lizard takeover.

Exorcism – the purging of evil demons and evil spirits from a person – is carried out by a person authorized to perform religious rituals, such as an imam, a priest or a shaman.

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