Your little dog, your fluffy cat, has past away. You miss the adventures and the fun. The companionship, and love. It’s been a few weeks, and you still have the feeling that your Chihuahua is playing in your living room, or your cat is napping on your bed. You hear them, a fuzzy bark, a distant meow.

Many people have a hard time believing in human spirits, or demonic presences. But, what about Animal Spirits? Do they exist? Can they interact with you?

Yes, of course it sounds silly. But, everything has a soul.  Your pet can return, to continue to provide you with the comfort that they provided while alive.  They can protect you as well. They can interact with your living pets, and especially children.

They can even act as spiritual guardians of your home and property. Helping to prevent human spirits from taking advantage of your life.

So, when your little Tabby cat goes through his “9 lives”  or when your Doberman is done with guard duty. Remember, that, their job is not fully done. They will always be your companion.

Even in Death.

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