When I was 9, my parents divorced, and my mother purchased a house across town. I do not recall much about the house at that age (it was almost 11 years ago), and I spent most of my time outside.

I do not recall specifically when I turned 12 or 13, I started feeling quite peculiar in my bedroom. It was like I was in another building from the house. I had hear odd sounds from each corner of the room. I brushed it off as paranoia for some time, but after about a year, I started discovering even more peculiar things.haunted closet

I constantly felt like I was being followed by something. I’d constantly look over my shoulder. It didn’t matter where I was whether it be in the house or in Walmart. When I was in the house, everything felt very dark. I’d hear odd sounds in the kitchen and going down the hall. There would be and cans would fall to the earth. They’d only laugh it away, although I tried to let my family know.

Every time I was in my bedroom, I ‘d get this strange feeling again. When I turned 16 but that didn’t hold true. My bedroom door opened one night, and I had this sick feeling that something evil and dark came in and made its home in my closet.

My wardrobe was one of those little closets that had the folding doors. So when they’d fly open and shut again, it wasn’t a draft. My bed faced my cupboard, and at night I Had see a strange body in the rear corner of my cupboard. I’d begin having dreams about a hellish figure trying to grab me and appearing from my closet. My cabinet doors would be open when I understood I had shut them, when I Had wake up.

I recall nights sitting in my room with my cans in listening to music. My light would randomly shut off. My light switch would not proceed, and the bulb would not be blown. I had get a strange feeling that something was at the end of my bed. It’d a sickening grin, and I’d feel nauseous and must run from my room.

As soon as I turned 19, I moved in with my boyfriend. That was until a couple of months into living. His cabinet was like my old one. I sat up and heard something whisper “Do you believe in the devil?” All the lights came on, and stood the figure that was hellish with the smile that was sickening. I shouted, shut my eyes, and kept crying until my boyfriend came home (it was just 5 or 10 minutes since it was really late). He explained the front, back, and garage doors were open and every light was on.

I am now nearly 20, we live in an apartment and just a couple nights past my closet door opened by itself. I’m terrified, and we have thought about calling in investigators. I am being followed by something and living in my cabinet.

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