I do not know how to begin with it. I used to be live in haunted house. For a very long time we all slept at nighttime in one room. The difficulty is that seeing this stuff defies all sense and your supposition is since it’s a thing that can not be comprehended that it must be bad. It doesn’t help that every paranormal show on TV and in films reveals paranormal activity as being evil.

Several episodes occurred to make us realize this wasn’t something evil. W believe it’s just a frustrating little boy either looking for a maybe friend or attention. We have all seen him at least once (he appears as strong) and my autistic grandson is quite conscious of him when he is around (he calls him “the shadow”). We have his sweet, sad little voice in a video. It covered the cat, the dog and all over the carpeting.

There are some definite disadvantages to living in a haunted house. He is done kind things as well. Replaced some items that were broken and found things that have been lost. Like most children he can sometimes be mischievous or sweet.

I did some research and I believe he’s a dead child of the first owners of the house. They are still alive (living in Switzerland) and occasionally I think he’s only here waiting for them to come back. My son saw him in the hall bathroom 20 years ago, and the little boy has blond hair that was bright. He looks around 4-5 years old. We have largely seen him around the hallway near the bathroom or in the bathroom or in among the bedrooms that’s the most activity.

I have gone from panic to having empathy and worry for this little nature. I expect if the first owners of the home actually were his parents, he can be reunited with them when they’re deceased and my house will be more serene. They’re in their 70’s now. We likewise have a mound before my house that I lately found pottery shards in (Cherokee Indian pottery) but the little boy is blonde and I doubt is Cherokee Indian. Until the 1700’s but for some reason I don’t believe that is a factor the place I live in was Cherokee hunting property.

We pretty much accept hearing his voice on video helped and him now, because he seems so sweet and a little lonely. The action stopped and I did contact someone who did a cleanse, it’d simply gotten so poor we could not live here. I believe we are largely at peace with it now.

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