There is lots of misunderstanding by what occurs at Hummel Park. A lot of it comes from active imaginations from the rest of it, a lot from ignorance, and racism.

What’s Not Accurate.

Before I clarify what exactly is at Hummel Park, let’s talk about what it isn’t. The background of the park is not macabre, and there is no signs of lynchings occurring there. There’s not a secret lodge everywhere in the park, and there’s never been homeless albino people roaming the woods, colonies of albinos there, or an albino farm at Hummel Park.

There is an urban legend about this though, and it is false. Picnic areas and the picnic shelter at the park were built by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s, and are not satanic worshipping altars. There are no credible reports of animals being sacrificed in the park, and no archeologist has discovered an ancient Native American burial ground in the park.Hummel Park 1

What Might Be Accurate.

It may be true that among the first settlers in the area was German. Apparently, his wife Laurinda and he had a cabin in the hills before a park was located there. Those who have seen the phantom claim that Jacob always wails and shouts, “Where is Laurinda?” and “Don’t leave me!” This may be true; the storyline is simply mentioned in books about the paranormal, and however, I cannot find any record in historical papers. None of them mention any sources.

What’s Accurate.

What exactly is true is that Hummel Park was made from land donated to the City of Omaha. Friends and my family messed around on Devil’s Slide, when I was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s.Hummel Park 2

Groups of young folks happen to be traveling in the region to use the park since it was opened from Omaha and other towns. In 1933, the Daily Nebraskan reported a picnic day with a few dozen youth there.

It’s true that there have been several deaths associated with Hummel Park. In 1936, a soldier was discovered entombed by a WPA team working there in Hummel Park. An archeologist in Omaha determined the body belonged to some war veteran. Local Boy Scouts determined to rebury the skeleton in a coffin at the park, in a gravesite at the very top of the cliffs overlooking the Missouri River Valley.

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