I have been reading experiences on website ( for a time and decided it’s time to distribute my own personal. Our account doesn’t contain any bad points. I would like to clarify.

I dropped my sister in August of 2002 to some freak medical problem. She was pregnant with stated Nephew and suffered from an aneurysm 7 months,. the child and she died. She was merely 22 and naturally this rocked the household. The death happened at her baby likewise. Therefore it was a freak factor all around.

Effectively forward to some years later my mama found me and said she’d been experimenting with some friends having an Ouija board and that she was speaking with ‘Danielle’ , my brother. Initially I informed her she was not bright and imagined she was insane. She eventually convinced me to ‘sit-in’ on it with her friends. If they first began they expected things like ‘Is anyone below’ and also the items that are normal. Then it got particular. Our brother said she was there and was showing people items that only my mama and that I would find out about her. It seemed hardly, very unreal. I was never worried but almost at peace because I felt like I really could tie up any free ends with her and such.

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A few random things happened like my mother got ‘poked’ in the neck and immediately the table mentioned ‘gotcha’. Then in another example the device rang and following the board claimed ‘why didn’t you reply’. After playing around with one I Have never had any bad experiences, although I was generally instructed not to wreck havoc on Ouija boards and that they invite evil into your life among other activities. This in itself sort of scares me since I am wondering if probably a demon was occurring itself as my brother? Also may I possess a devil in my existence that’s only’ lazy’ and waiting for the right time out. I regret messing with that panel and am scared something awful may happen sometime within my life.

Has anyone had any experiences similar to this? I have never been aware of someone receiving just excellent experiences from it and playing using an Ouija board and that is what scares me.

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