I and my son ( single mom) had experiences at rental house which have scared us .My son has seen a shadow in hallway and experienced what he said was a feeling of being watched in bed but nobody was there. Moreover, the covers of his bed were being pulled completely of his bed no reason. He then started having panic attacks that something bad would happen and very bad headaches and stomach like someone jump on it. In that night I ran out of that haunted house on SUV car and never came back.

The story began when I and my boy friend broke up because of his gambling that lose all money in our saving account. I took my son with me and moved to Nebraska, before we lived in Iowa. I searched on craigslist for looking a house. I got good deal with owner on the phone that I just pay for $650. It was tiny and nice house with 1 bedroom. After we moved in, we then saw a picture with deep blue eyes hang on wall in kitchen area which was a strange and spooky kind of looking picture that just made us feel uneasy when we looked at it. A few days later a 11 year old girl was stabbed to death in a local park just behind our house which we think was the same girl in the kitchen while we was watching news on TV in living room. At that moment if freaked me out. I didn’t know what should I do then I called 911, on the phone one of officer thought I was crazy and hang up it.

haunted rental house 1

In that night we heard a very strange noise of a high pitch as well as a kind of cat/dog growling that scared us. I called owner and ask there is anything wrong in this house. He said the house had done remodel the week before when we moved in. The night after this noise whilst laid in bed I heard footsteps of like a human but each step was like big thick deep claws dragging threw the carpet which made me scream as it was like the claws were walking up the side of the bed also all the kitchen cupboard and draws were sometimes all being opened. I took my son ran away haunted house in mid night.

To all people. Sorry English was my second lang. I apology if there are mistake of spelling. I am Lao and that haunted house we rent in Lincoln city. Thank you for reading.

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