I worked at the Idle Hour Farm about 15 years ago as a Banquet server and Bartender. This place is definitely haunted that I won’t never forget. I was warned upon my interview that there was sightings but I was pretty stunned how much I experienced in my duration of employment.
Haunted Idle Hour Farm
I started in June, and at the time there was no working air conditioner in the upper bedrooms. Lady Ludlow’s bedroom was always cold, and it always felt like she was not happy you were in it. Every now and then we would have to go dust it out, but we always did it as quick as possible. In the back of her closet , leads up to a Widows walk that runs the length of the roof. When i was initially shown around , the owner thought it would be cool to let me go up and take a look at Monroe and the beautiful grounds of the Mansion. I couldn’t even make it up the steps, it literally felt like the wind had been knocked out of me.

Haunted Idle Hour Farm-1

Below the Bar and grand dining room is the basement that leads to the place where the Underground railroad was. I could be wrong, but as far as the History of Monroe and the Underground railroad goes, it used to lead to around where Alphorn motors sits. The Basement was used as a wine cellar and we were always told to go in with a friend. There were still markings from the slaves scrawled on the walls, if that wasnt creepy enough , you constantly heard crying or felt immense sadness.
The best sighting that personally happened to me was during a Banquet. Musical that the Monroe Theater Guild players were doing back in the 90’s. It was the play right after the production of the Sound of Music , some kind of barbershop broadway . Anyhow. The head Chef, Patric was in the kitchen garnishing platters with me to be brought out to the banquet, and the lights started flickering ( it always seemed like the more people that were in the Mansion, the more Lady Ludlow would go wild.) and then the knife next to him started to move and slightly float. I just about peed myself. He smiled, and looked at me and goes ” Good evening Lady” and it dropped.
Haunted Idle Hour Farm-3
The “story” goes that Lady Ludlow was on her death bed and told her sons that she did now ever want a drop of Liquor served in her home.. apparently they did. There is also a huge statue to her in the Monroe Cemetery ( the one near the golf course) , that some claim turns her head or moves on a full moon. It dosent. I assure you. I lived in Monroe for years…However, you really should see the statue, its creepy and enchanting at the same time.

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