It’s a long story, so be certain Snack if you want. I live in this apartment for a year now. Shortly after I moved in, I found a mirror inside my closet, it was a complete mirror of the body so I decided to keep it and put it on the wall of my room. He seemed normal, until recently, a few months ago, I looked in the mirror at night, the lights were out, and I thought I saw something strange, so I approached and I began to see things bizarre, for example, I would see myself with black holes for eyes and mouth, the type of such holes absorb everything, including light, and smiling too, I would also like to see a demon, and etc. I ignored though.


One day me and my friend decided to visit this city, and in the former home of a monk there was this closed room in which my friend felt that there was an evil presence, she went when I was alone, I am able to open the door, I was too scared to go, when I called my friend to come with me, I could not open the door. I think that day we used a Ouija board, we contacted a spirit named Kyle, he said he wanted to talk again someday. We tried to contact him again later, he spoke of things he could not do when he was alive, something important to help the world, but he was assassinated. This seemed odd to me because I want to do something to help the world at a time of my life.

Ghost face in mirror

In other Ouija Board we seem anonymous contact spirits that one spell absurd. When we tried to contact Kyle again, he seemed to have changed the personality and seemed to know too much about me, I think it was not him, but the spirit is gone and later came another, claiming to be Kyle, he was probably more since he acted like that and just wanted to talk, he said he wanted to talk again later about something important, it gave us a date, it was at my friend’s house. A strange thing is happening with the Ouija board is the jewel that we use to highlight the letters are sometimes puts on one of the middle eye drawn on the map, other times he goes to the moon, others times, usually when there is an evil presence, it comes out of the map to point to things.

Anyway, later, we try to talk to Kyle, this time for me. He did not act like Kyle, we told him to tell us who he was, he insisted on being Kyle, we insisted that it was a lie, he said he was Satan, then n ‘ has not really answer, he tried to open portals. We did not let him, he also tried going to review, but we held the gem tightly, as he moved toward my mirror, we still leave once I turned the mirror so that it would face the floor, then the spirit said he was in the room, and he was inside of my friend, I said “Yeah, sure”, so I stomped on mirror with my foot and my friend said she felt a tingling in the belly when I did it, the cursor stressed the position to the mirror, so we put the card on top of the mirror, but did not leave the jewel touch (haunted mirror). Then he started making strange movements, it seemed he opened another portal. Then we heard a child’s laughter unusually bad, it came from somewhere in the room, then the board spelled some things I can not remember and said bye.

haunted face

I tried to contact Kyle myself later that night, but I get nothing, though, when I turned the board to one side I saw a flash of light for a fraction of a second, if I I turned to the other direction I would see a flash of darkness for an even shorter time than that of light, I sometimes see these flashes at random times since, but not often. Me and my friend have not been other meetings, but she says she sees strange things at his place from time to time. I was wondering what do I do next?

haunted mirror in the world

I still have the mirror, I’m not getting rid of it since I believe there is more to it, I really want to know what this is all about, but I do not know how. The spirit said a couple of things I have not said, his fingers barely touch the gem, and sometimes it even turns, the board also turned a little for himself, once, we are not touching. All little weird things is still active till today.

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