I would like to share one of the many horror stories that I ‘d experience.

It happened when we moved to this huge house within Manila last year 2015. I’m not the kind of individual who’s easily frighten unless something scary happened to me. I experienced tons of horror stories that I’ll also share here. Anyway, here is my ghost story.

Like what I said we simply move in at Manila here in a his huge house. We are just renting it, it has 5 rooms with swimming pool when we moved in we were so excited because it is economical and huge and it’s a swimming pool.

I do not have my own room since we’ve an enormous family,. Though we’ve the largest room I am sharing my room with my younger sister and brother. My oldest brother is working as a call center agent which is why sometimes I’m asking him if I could sleep in his bedroom since he’s working at night until every night I am sleeping in his room and he always says yes. My brother’s room is the only room at the 3rd floor.Just Another Ghost Story from South Africa 1

The very first time I slept in his room I experienced that there’s someone seeing me while sleeping, that’s why I woke up late at night and can not sleep anymore. Then every time I’m sleeping there it keeps on happening to me and it creeps me more because it is always occurred around 3am-3:30am. Then one night after I woke up again with the same reason I saw a black shadow standing at the door. Then I immediately open the lamp besides me and look at it again to know if someone is there. Nothing was seen by me.

When my younger brother strikes went up to check on me. I told him what occurred to me. Then we told the story to my oldest brother, then he said that he experiencing same thing.

I discovered that the oldest son of the owner of the house commit suicide in his room which is in the 3rd floor. That is why it is cheap because nobody’s leasing it even when it is tremendous,. I found that story to among the security guard in our area.

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