You are reading on your couch, when you hear something like footsteps in the kitchen downstairs. You pulse ramp up. It’s nothing, you tell yourself. But then the floorboard under you creaked once. Twice. You freeze. You rush to your son’s room and … get shocked. Your son is levitating in midair. He is definitely not alone. Your heart it pounding loudly and your breath harsh as an insidious figure shows itself on the ceiling…
possessed by a demon

Scared? You have no reason to be. Just think yourself lucky and have pity on the family who had to face such grave horror alive!
A couple of years ago, in Carolina, a family reported of , sensing paranormal entity. The petrified mother put in a claim that her son was possessed by a demon and once saw him walking all the way backwards up the wall and ceiling. The mother, Latoya Ammons, insisted that all of her three children showed signs of Satanic influence. They used to show evil grins and would start talking suddenly in an unfamiliar, deep voice. Latoya also reported to the Indianapolis Star that she saw he 12 year old daughter levitating, while unconscious. A squad of the Gary Police Department later investigated the house.
The in charge, Capt. Charles Austin told the Star, “I’m a believer after visiting this house and interviewing witnesses. I first thought the family was making stories as a part of get-rich-quick schemes.” The story became so believable that the police officers said they were too scared to stay in the house and some would not even peek into the house. The house was exorcised by a Catholic priest in a number of occasions. At first, when the family moved into the house, they noticed swarming of flies around the house, footsteps in the basement and many others. One incident happened even when the house was full of people(relatives). After hearing some sounds they hurried into her twelve year daughter’s room to find her floating in the air. She could have only brought down after all the guests prayed for her.
The torment went on as the family wasn’t financially stable to leave the house. Later the family contacted churches to help them, but they received little relief. Some of the clairvoyants told that the house was haunted by nearly 200 demons. Ammons also told that her children’s eyes bulged and they regularly showed sinister smiles. The youngest son would sit in a closet and talk to someone that no one could see. In 2012, child protective services in Indiana was contacted to check on the mother for possible child abuse or mental illness. But the psychiatrist reported that Ammons wasn’t mentally ill. An in charge case manager, Valerie Washington, confirmed that she saw the youngest boy growling and also flashing a devilish grin and then walked backward up the wall. However, later on Ammons family was relieved of this after an exorcism. Washington concluded that an evil influence had been effecting the family.
So do you believe in the family’s story? Place yourself in Ammons and imagine life.

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