I try to make it a tradition to do some paranormal research in Virginia City in October and December of every year. I have to say I am really proud of our group how extensive the projects we have done in this living ghost town. Each time I think I have seen it all I find more locations I can delve on into and some of them do turn out to be a great haunt.

I am allot different then other groups I try to have fun and I enjoy the folks I meet along my journeys. Allot of times I do extreme adventuring but other times I like to focus on history as well as preservation. Allot of Virginia City remains then again allot is gone. These sites here out west they wont last forever sometimes you have hopes that they do but we are lucky to see and share them.

Virginia City

I enjoy going up to Virginia City to have some brews, hike and check out historic sites. I always have fun and the people there treat me with honor something I have a hard time finding anymore. But when I am in this wilder western town my problems go away I toke on hill sides above the town, search for treasure, chase the paranormal and party all at the same time. People need to do that they need to try to understand life is to short if you spend your entire paranormal career worrying about what others think then your missing the big picture.

Learning to laugh and not expecting anything is the best way to investigate in this field. Personally I do not have a big team Tammy helps me here and there or my sons. Some places I go in or handle by myself but no less we always welcome others to join our team if your up for it. No less I try to take our casework at entirely new levels and we mix up the kind of locations that we take on. One minute we might be offroading and the next ghostbusting some haunted house that is how we roll here.

Every trip we take its unique in itself no matter where we go. I look back at the years we have done this and I really have to say its been a great run. It has also been a great month the work that we do is crafted like art from our own hands and hard work. It is important to have passion and belief into what you do if you want to experience such places. This is my favorite time of year I get dressed up get pumpkin spice lattes and just explore till I cant stand anymore!

Virginia Truckee Railroad

So with that in mind we were lucky enough to visit two more great locations in Virginia City one being the Old Storey County Courthouse & Jail the other being the Comstock Gold Mill & Savage Mansion. At the time when we arrived here we had to take a detour it was okay the hills back in here and views are stellar. Once in time I realized they were having that Thompson The Train event downtown hosted by the Virginia Truckee Railroad. Yes I would encounter Thomas later during the day believe me lol.

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