I and my family came to reside to North Carolina in February 2004, used to live in a large old house in Elkin. Yet because of private reasons we needed to go nearer to Statesville, so we began looking for houses in Olin and we got about 20 minutes from Statesville.

The house we determined to live in was in the procedure for being constructed.

The autumn came and eventually we went into that house. We were not so unhappy. It was a fresh house, new life, we might meet with folks that are new. This is only the start of many unusual things that occurred because the scary house.

There was no wind, no one, nothing.

There were days when I ‘d to go to sleep if not I ‘d have trouble sleeping. I ‘d hear sounds outside my house if someone were running around your house, throwing glass bottles at your house. I ‘d hear something or someone was under the home scraping at something, which of course was mad because we’d no cellar.

Occasionally my brothers and me would sit and talk about it, they also had their encounters because house. There were sounds in her toilet, and my mother would see little creatures jumping on her bed, the doors would shut out of nowhere.

I recall at times since I felt safer there than I ‘d only go to sleep to the family room. Perhaps because it was nearer to my parents’ room. But there at times I ‘d see ghostly bodies staring at me.

Here I thought to myself? Why would it be haunted whether this house was brand new when we got it? I think I am going to never understand what was the deal there. As of now I will be living place that is completely distinct, in another house.

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