The three abandoned buildings that are still standing at Odd Fellows Insane Asylum. The new owner had done renovation one of building ( Featured on Ghost Adventures Season 11 Episode 9 ) that located inside of the center building on the lower floor.

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One man reports being on the property taking pictures at night when he saw a ghost dart across his camera screen followed by coldness. Another young man who also reported that he saw a kind a demonic star with full blood when he was in the building with out permit

The buildings large size makes it difficult for those who are curious to find there way on and off the property. What actually occurs there is unknown because of the small number of people allowed on the property. One of investigator said: ” My buddies and I recently went in through the aspen street gate on 10/9/2014, & did some paranormal research of our own. We not only heard what sounded like faint cries from within the east building, but on two different occasions we saw shadow figures. the past is still very much alive at the insane asylum.”

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Dr. Bean`s renovations are almost complete in June 2015, and this place has been turned into a winery, B&B and wedding location known as Belvoir Winery. Paranormal investigators can schedule private investigations, but for a VERY hefty fee.

Most of Ghost Adventures Fans just wonder how much Zak and his team pay for owner to investigate this place. The answer is still remain.

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