The one thing I love when going into the dispensary is that everyone is friendly not one and I mean it one ounce of negativity. Everyone is smiling and everyone has a great sense of humor. Anyhow you can only imagine how great I feel tonight to smoke this Dream Star bud its awesome lets just leave it at that. Its a very nice strain and does help with allot of ailments. Its been a busy night my son has a dance had to pick up Halloween make up including this mask that is something you would have seen a 100 years ago seriously.

halloween with my boys

The boys are carving a pumpkin the seeds are big I can make something special with them. It is good to see them spending time together and of course the kittens are fun to chase all night long. I been introducing them to pumpkins and its pretty hilarious! My kittens are quite socialized I can rock any of them to sleep at any time lol. I read about these marijuana gummy bears that are coming out I bet those are pretty yummy then again so are vegetables, sea food and steak lol. I am having two Halloweens this year I feel blessed then again its Halloween all the time in my world.I had quite a few talks about bud tonight it was a nice day.

Halloween with my boys 1

One thing pissed me off earlier though I had used fast dash which is instant service with no wait or time. Some guy was running a sham and tried to sit down claiming they called him. The individual working there is supposed to ask not just assume and I had to cut in show them my cell phone. It messaged me said please report to window 4 and here is this dude thinking he is going to pull a quick one on the good lord.


I knew it was nearly impossible that someone else had the same phone number if they did I would blame it on aliens or something like that lol! I am eating late tonight but I have a giant chicken in the oven with a Caribbean flavored skin. Its raining and cold here tonight I seen snow on the highest of peaks winter is coming soon. The mask I had gotten today for free for my son now he has me wearing it and scaring the older boy. Its simple it works a sack with eye holes simple sweet and to the point

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