My name is Caroline and I ‘m 15 years old. Last summer my experience occurred to me. We live in among the finer, double wide trailers. I’ve lived here all my life. David, me and my younger brother, are actually into the spirit world and ghost stories since we were extremely little and we have now been.

Since all the children were younger [Most of them between 10 and 6 ] it was consistently interesting to go frighten the crap out of them and tell terrifying stories to them and sit In the shadiness. The younger children looked at me like I was insane when one of us old children brought up the issue of the Ouija Board. So I ‘d to describe what it was to them.

If I ‘d one one of the boys, Cody, inquired. I shook my head and they seemed rather disappointed. Therefore I determined we could only make one. So he went home, mad as all Hell my younger brother was totally against the notion.

Cody then shouted at me, saying that it was transferring, so after a long discussion that was good, they made me take my hand from the cup. I asked Anthony what had occurred to him, he spelled out “Shot”. Now Dillon and Cody were frightened quite awful and said that they were being tricked by me.Ouija Board alone 1

We played for some time until finally I believe we made the spirits mad. If they believed in God I’d inquired. Of course I tend not to believe in God. The makeshift Ouija Board started to tremble and the cup flew across the shed. Dillon and Cody freaked out and went home. I really thought I was quite cool so I went for some food within my house and picked up my Ouija Board.

When I heard a boom after that night after I ‘d gone to bed, I was only dosing off. All of a sudden my bed began to tremble. I felt a scream but I simply could not get outside it. The bed came into a sudden stop. And I expected it was all over. But it was not.

I lay in bed for about ten minutes before a cologne bottle slammed away of my chest of drawers and broke on the ground, and I understood that it was not by accident because if it’d have simply “fell off” it wouldn’t have broken. I was hit by something and I passed out.

I woke up the following morning with a head ache that was huge. I walked out to my parents into my family room staring at me with furious looks on their faces. They believe it was me to this day.

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