I’ve always been so scared of mirrors. I couldn’t even stare at them for too long. I think because I expected my face to change or something to appear behind me. I now know why. Some years ago I shared this fear with my mom, and surprisingly she showed kind of familiar with my words.

She looked at me like she didn’t tell something she knew it was important, so I asked. She told me (after insisting) that when I was a child, at my grandmother’s house there was a big mirror I liked to stare at for hours.

That I would sit just in front of it and stare like if I was watching a film.

The mirror was in the 2nd floor bedroom, and I used to get up there on my own. My mother told me that one day when she got up there to pick me up and go home, she saw me talking to the mirror, and she asked me who I was talking to, to what I answered “With the old woman”. She asked me how she looked like and I said she was wearing black clothes. Mother told me that I used to call the woman “the witch”.scared of mirrors 1

Apparently I gave my mother a perfect description about the woman’s appearance. This happened all the times I went there and stare at the mirror. But the woman was never mean or bad, like a horror story… My family though it could be my father’s mother, even though the mirror was in my maternal grandmother’s house. None of us were scared of it, because I seemed happy when talking to that woman… But there’s not a happy ending.

My mother also told me that one day it wasn’t like before. I was up there on my own when they heard me screaming and crying out loud, so my mother and grandma rushed to the 2nd floor. My mother grabbed me and saw me pointing at the mirror while screaming. She asked me what happened, and I told her that I saw “a horrible face, a very ugly thing in the mirror”. She tried to calm me down but I just wanted to get out of there, and so we did. I never knew this story before, I just forgot this experience.

Maybe my mind deleted it, but the fear is still in my subconsciousness. When my mother told me the story It all made sense, and creeped the hell out of me. I was as surprised as you could be right now. My mother never said why they kept this story like a secret.

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