I don’t understand how else to say this but everything I am about to say is accurate. It may not be a great story line as well as spooky but its accurate. I figure writing will help me ease my head lets get into what occurred.

In March I was seeing with the beautiful Texas hill-country with my family, we were merely having a great time and had been staying at extremely close family friend’s place. There house is on top of a very large hill (pretty much a mountain) and they possess quite a lot of property up there. I ‘d been up before numerous times but have never gotten the opportunity to research the property quite definitely and I determined that would alter.

Just to clear things up I consider myself “conscious” of the “religious” world and such. Or anything you need to call it.

I believe it was Sunday afternoon after I set out alone to go research I had a back pack with some essentials (firearms and water bites) with me in case of trouble (mountain lions).

Before I set off I am told that its rather hard to locate the trail mountain so do not stress if I get lost and I am given a radio, just head up. And these folks had lived there their entire lives.

Only at that point I’ve been climbing for awhile now and I am becoming thirsty. I locate a great clearing and sit down, taking the pistol from my hidden holster (P238 if anyone is interested).

The crying was coming from although I understood there was an infant at the house? What will happen if there actually is a kid that is lost down there? As I strode back and forth on the side of the hill these ideas danced within my head. I proceeded up and from the sounds and finally tore myself away. I had an impulse not to go appear although it felt ill walking from the shouts. I understand what I heard.

Fast forward and I ‘d started my return back to your house, I headed back an alternate route as to not fall upon the “infant” again. and strange voices. It seemed like there were folks pulling a sheet of metal. “Fuck, trespassers.” I thought to myself and my weapon was fixed by me for more easy accessibility. I scanned for what felt like days, looking for human contact and crouched down. I whistled and then stood up, sorta like a fowl, and the sounds instantly discontinued.

Dead quiet except for the wind and some birds. I moved and then it was seen by me. A guy in blue jeans with a long sleeve blue button up top looking and standing the way I simply came. Something was off and he was gone, although I drew my weapon. I walked around to where I(?) Promptly located the trail and was I’d taken down from your house into the valley. I stayed indoors for the remaining day and hightailed it up.

Note: There are not any airports everywhere close that service jets like the sky was yelling at me but it felt.

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