Back in May, 2015 I decided to play with an Ouija board that I bought on Amazon website. I did a little research on Google and YouTube to get to use with it. The first time I played alone in my bed room on the hardwood floor and it started to move I freaked out and ended the game, I then got curious and started to play every day whenever I get back from school. I also invited couples friends who didn’t believe Planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic) as a movable. We’d always play in my room, sometime in garage. My Mom didn’t really care because I have always been into paranormal things. One Saturday night, my best friend had stayed with me to do homework. I and her tried to call my dad who passed away on the Ouija board and Planchette moved exactly to his name. Suddenly everything had stopped. We tried to call his name is a few times but I couldn’t move.

ouija board mess

Few days later, the crazy things started happening in my room (TV on and off sometimes, some pictures moving, electronics devices didn’t work correctly). All the activity seems strange and weird. I also got nightmare sometimes but can’t explain what is it. I stared to find out what I should do. Luckily I met a guy on twitter, he told me that I need to bring a Ouija board to the church and give it to priest. Sunday morning I went to the church and met priest, I told priest everything about strange things keep happening since I purchased Ouija board. The Priest kept Ouija board and get some holy water on it. He also blessed for me at the church and gave me picture of Jesus to hang it in to my room. All the activity stopped since that day.

Dangers of the Ouija Board

The end of this story I just wanted to share my knowledge to people on internet that you should never use an Ouija board for any reason. Ouija boards can be very dangerous. They can open gateways ( doorways ) and allow evil spirits to enter into your life. If activity increases you opened that doorway and something came in. Demonic spirits are one of the nastiest spirits you will ever encounter and you don’t want to meet one face to face. The way to deal with evil spirits from Ouija Board that you need to contact with your local church, priest or pastor immediately.

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