It was back in 1996 or around that year. I was into playing on Ouija board with friends at back yard. I am a male i was with two girls we were 16. Our idea was to tell whatever ghost that came to us to get a more powerful ghost until we were satisfied with what we had gotten. We did this a number of times till we knew we really had something powerful. The eye piece moved with force we had never seen. It moved so fast that our hands were falling off.

ouija board

We thought if it had that kind of power it should be able to do some other stuff, like physically. Do I thought maybe it could read my mind. I asked it without telling my friends what letter I was thinking of in my head. It said it could. So the eye piece spun in circles till it was ready to go to the letter I was thinking of. It got it right. I wad like that was good do it again. Do it fid two more times. Keep in mind i wad the only one that knew what letter i was thinking of. We were smoking weed and he said he was ditting next to us and we would blow hit at him and he said he wad getting high.

ouija board hand

We then asked if he could move the whole board. We took off the eye piece and put our hand on the board like a giant eye piece and told it to push the board toward one another. It slid quickly across the floor back and fourth. We later asked how we would die and at what age. He was wrong about our deaths were all still alive. He said I would die at the age of 28 of a heroin overdose. I never did heroin and never will. I’m 35 now, marriage and had two beautiful kids. He later told us he was Satan. We weren’t that scared. He seemed kinda nice, but he is the great deceiver. I just want to tell people that don’t play and believe whatever Ouija board said.

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