I am a widow and I reside with my teen daughter in a mobile home in a trailer park. My house is less than 20 years old but it’s undoubtedly haunted. We’ve two kinds of phantoms, one is individual and the other is an animal. They appear to go together, so is the other when one is not about neither.

My daughter’s friends all had heard /felt several and the phantom cat experienced the individual. I’ve had ghostly meetings in virtually every house I Have lived in so I believe they understand we are “safe” and can be trusted.

We saw the show on Discovery (or a station like it) about girls who’ve had sexual encounters with ghosts. I fell asleep and masturbated like I did. After that night I found I was laying on my belly and woke up and my hips were going as if I were having sex. I understood I was alone in the room although I could feel a weight against me. I used ton’t remember having sexual dreams. I wandered back to sleep and that is all I recall.I Think A Spirit Is Having Sex With Me 1

It occurs again another night. I used ton’t masturbate before slumber this time. I awaken in an identical position, with the weight together with me with exactly the same motions of my hips. There was no one else in the room with no dreams that are sexual. I wandered back to sleep and that was the ending of it.

We’d the normal ghostly interactions over the the next couple of months but no sexual activity. I slammed my toilet door asked who was there and heard the voice.

From then on, the phantom interactions started up. They have been quite effective, particularly the creature. Many nights I’ve felt it on my bed and my daughter has had her own experiences. Last night all over my bed was going. I understood it was not my cats as I touch or could see both of them. I woke up as both of the other times in an identical position. I awakened with the exact same thing occurring then and wandered back to sleep eventually fell asleep for the remaining night.

I do not mind it and it isn’t harming me, so I do not actually care if it continues. It’s simply a feeling that is really weird. It has not been nasty seeing others that have similar storylines and coming to the website.

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