I have always been fascinated by the paranormal, although it scares the living daylights out of me. I recently did a ghost tour of supposedly haunted cemetery in my hometown in Wilber, Ne, and was afraid of my mind for the next three weeks at least.

I am also fascinated by the Ouija board, but never touch, even that one in a room with one. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to use a Ouija board but after reading many stories about the sessions that have gone wrong, I will never touch one.

ouija board

I do not think it is the brain unconsciously “manifesting” the card answers. The psychology is fascinating, but are not the answer to everything I believe. There are things in this world that science and psychology can not explain and which is quite good, in fact, that beauty is in the mystery of the world and of life.

If it is the brain unconsciously creating these answers then how a group of people to get the same results? Except they all have the same thought processes and think exactly the same thing and the exact time (suggesting that everything was pre decided – and we all know to do this kind of nonsense with a Ouija board is dangerous ) there is no thinking brain showed above. This can be claimed for a single player but if I read several stories where people from all over the world receive the same demon coming through (begins with D too afraid to say the name) and it is not until they try and search the name they find other people had the same encounter with D. They have not even heard that name!


It is fine to science does not have the answers to everything and I find people who suggest all this as a manifestation of the spirit and to reject science with a little rude.

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