One night in summer, I was staying over at my aunt an uncle’s house, and it was already 1:00 am, so my uncle was asleep and I was in the living room with my aunt. I heard something in the hallway and I noticed some man standing there… he had a blue/green shirt and old jeans, dark hair, kind of chubby, and I couldn’t really see his face because of the curtain separating the hall and the living room. He was walking toward what used to be my uncle’s old bedroom. But I could tell that this man was NOT my uncle, too old and too chubby, and nobody else was supposed to be in the house. Yet somehow I just knew that he didn’t have any bad intentions.

I told my aunt that I saw a man in the hallway that wasn’t my uncle (but DID NOT describe him). She just laughed at me and told me that I was “just tired and crazy anyway”, about 2 minutes later she gets really quiet out of nowhere then spazzed out! She asked me if that man I saw in the hallway was wearing a green shirt and had dark hair etc. I never told her about that! so that means my aunt saw this shadow of this man before.
Here’s where it gets freaky, my uncle hears my aunt spazzing and comes out of his new bedroom and goes into his old one, where we just saw the man heading and nobody was in there. We asked him why he went in there and he said he heard something in there and figured it was us. We described the man to my uncle and he got very upset. Finally he told us that his best friend Kenny matched that description. and he was also the only person to have died on this house.
Apparently Kenny was sick and was staying with my uncle, he started feeling weird so he went out from the guest room, through the hallway, and into my uncle’s old room looking for him.(That’s the same path where I and my aunt saw that strange man) But, he later found my uncle out on the porch, and before he could tell him that he was sick he fell over on my uncle. He died in his arms before the ambulance could get there.
Because I saw a dead man walking in a house with my own eyes, that is why I believed ghost and after life. It happened to me and still bothers me.

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