I’ve had a couple of events occur to me since my last places, mainly two years past (can not believe it’s been two years already), feels like all this occurred less than a year past).

I was remaining in Johannesburg in Westdene-Melville my favorite spot, near the Westdene dam – really artsy- the nightlife’s amazing. It’s tons of art galleries, pop up eateries, book shops and thrift shops. It is essentially hippie paradise.

Blessed me, I located an extremely affordable one bedroom bungalow with a lovely lawn, bay windows in bedroom and the lounge that ran to the ground. I will attempt although I am not great at describing layouts. You walked into an extremely spacious lounge with the windows for your right when you entered the bungalow. The left hand side was a little kitchen with refrigerator and a sink. There was a measure you took that led to the bedroom when you carried on straight. It was perfect for me that am single.

Okay on with the story-line…

I moved in and nothing appeared amiss for the first few weeks besides the area was dark and very chilly considering the windows ran from top to bottom along the whole right side walls. I ignored it as the location of the bungalow, it faced away in the sun. When it just began but I began feeling a presence in the home after several weeks I am uncertain. It was only an ongoing existence in the beginning but as time went by it also made its existence more noticeable. I shut the door because it made me feel somewhat uneasy after I slept. Then it began pacing up and down the couch. Simply walking down and up.

I recall one night I was in bed reading, I ‘d the sofa and the bedroom lights away, leaving the bathroom light on. I frightened, just easy. As I was reading when I did and I felt the urge to look up into the family area I saw an aged white man. If that is practical he was solid but not solid. It was within my mind’s eye at once and like he was in front of me, I can not describe it. I believed he only needed to make himself known in my experience although he was expressionless. He was wearing cream top, white or a brown knitted jersey and I believe his pants were grey or brownish, not certain but he was undoubtedly a ‘Boer’ guy.Just Another Ghost Story from South Africa 1

He strode but it would be like he was scrubbing his hands and I Had feel him move towards the towel and dry his hands and when I was sleeping I Had hear the tap water open. I always just kept my eyes close and listened. I mean I understand he is there but seeing him was cool enough.

No one did. He constantly stared at him and eavesdropped in our dialogue which I guess annoyed my buddy.

This was long but I miss the old position and hope whoever remains there gets combined with the old man cause he was not genuinely harmful, even comforting occasionally cause I was actually going through a difficult time. Unfortunately after annually of living there because I developed pneumonia from your cold and dampness of your house I has to move. I ‘ve other events that have occurred, nothing important though. One involving my closest friend who passed away.

Funny how I always desired to live in houses that are haunted, now it appears like every place is haunted. Talk about being mindful of what I wish for.

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